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Matthew Genser Salon – Award-winning Hairstylists



what we do

We love hair, but most importantly, we love you! Come to 148 Augusta Avenue to check us out.

hair tips

Going to a gym to improve your body requires time before achieving results. The same applies to scalp and hair. Follow these tips to receive a healthy scalp, beautiful hair as well as longer lasting vibrant colours.

Water PH level is higher than your hair. Just like lips dry out when licked, hair dries out/frizzes more when exposed to water.

Stop washing your hair so much! Your scalp produces oil to protect you, the faster you remove those oils = the quicker they will replace themselves.

Shampoo twice. First removes build up (use less it’s not supposed to lather this time), second cleans.

Condition only mid-shaft to ends. Conditioner coats the hair protecting it, too much weighs hair down and causes build up so remember to rinse well!

Never brush your hair when it is wet. Use a wide tooth comb instead. A comb gets stuck and may require a little more effort. Much better than a brush going through quickly, ripping out tons of your hair. Ever winder why all those fly-aways are everywhere?

Brush your hair every morning and night. Start from the bottom of your neck forward (when dry). This helps stimulate your scalp, distribute oils evenly and polish hair shafts. Brushing from your neck forward avoids you from adding “baby hairs” to your hair line.

When you get split ends, trim them! We know the meaning of the word “trim” so don’t be afraid, hair will look healthier and get long faster if properly maintained.


who we are

Whatever you want we can do!

We would like to warmly welcome you, whether you are coming in for the first time or have been coming for a while; thanks for checking us out!
I always wanted to be an artist or psychologist and discovered that as a hairdresser you get the best of both worlds. Viewing hair as medium to be sculpted as opposed to a head of hair needing to be chopped is what separates our way of doing hair from most others. Every single haircut is made out of these three things: Layers, Blunt lines and Graduation. Learning to utilize these three techniques properly allows imagination and the texture of the clients hair to be our only limitations.
The quality of the work that is done here is of the utmost importance and is one of the reasons that people want to come here. Love for people and the drive to learn is an important requirement for all staff. We are more than just hairdressers. We enter many hair competitions, and do hair for magazines, Fashion Designers, Runway shows, events and for ourselves. Everyone working here has amazing personalities, unique skills, and are also friends. Hand picked and personally taught how to cut, style and colour hair, using common sense in order to tailor a cut personally to you. We are not cocky but we are proud of our work, we won’t have to convince you how great your hair looks… your friends will!
We all work together as a team helping each other to constantly progress instead of working against each other. It is a happy environment where everyone can be themselves. I dream of a salon being a place that anyone can come to and know that no matter who they come to see, they will receive the same level of respect and an excellent cut suited to their needs. Thank you very much for choosing us! We will always strive to give you our best.


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  • Includes wash, cut & style
  • Includes wash, cut & style
  • Includes styling


Do you have a question or would you like to make an appointment?

Matthew Genser Salon,
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