Matthew Genser Salon | Barber of Augusta
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Let’s face it. At some point in our lives, we all want to be a super hero. Meet Matthew Genser: The Barber of Augusta.

Inspired by the comic-book geek in the cult classic ‘Kick Ass’, Matthew Genser sets out each morning to become a real life superhero. In his ‘ do-it-yourself’ multi-colored neon suit and mask, armed with a salon stool and attitude, Matt prowls his town, in search of street people with bad hair. Offering up free haircuts to any takers.


And like Superman, Batman and Spiderman, he’s got a dark side, struggling with issues of inadequacy, rejection, and loneliness. But when he dons his costume to become “Mazing,” he’s king of the road.


Director: Michèle Hozer