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SPA Testimonials

Foto facial + Electrocoagulation + Q switch laser

collage of Elenita

Laser hair removal


Before and after of broken capillaries repair


Q switch laser treatment


Blue light laser (stage 3 acne)

Blue light laser (acne)

One Photo Facial


One Photo Facial


Photo Facial + Mole removal


Photo Facial

Sibile 2

Photo facial + Q switch laser

Facial + Peeling + Photo facial

Facial + Peeling + Photo facial


I’ve been trying to improve my sensitive and acne-prone skin for the last 10 years. It didn’t help that I used to model professionally and was basically forced to use tons of different make-up on set. I went to some of the best skin care sal0ns in Moscow and Toronto but my skin was still not happy and breaking out all the time.


I’m so lucky I met Johanna and made my 1st appointment in her salon a little over a year ago. My skin started improving right away and got better after each appointment. Now I routinely get compliments on my skin’s healthy look. My skin is glowing. Note: I don’t wear any makeup. I also didn’t have to buy expensive skin care kits or do anything extraordinary beyond my regular skincare routine. I would recommend anyone who feels like giving up on their skin to go see Johanna. Johanna’s hands are pure magic.


– Anastasia

IMG_0479 (1)

My name is Anna Ivanova. I had just moved from Moscow and was so happy to find the most amazing hair stylist Matthew Genser. It was also a great pleasure to meet Johanna Genser who is extremely gifted with the amazing treatments she has administered to me. She has helped me get rid of the pigmentation that made my skin look aged, and my skin no longer feels dry! I feel younger and well looked after, the services I receive are just wonderful and I’m a very happy customer. I wish to let you know that if you need any skin or hair services I would recommend them without any hesitation. An amazing hair stylist, Matthew Genser, and my Fairy Godmother of Skin, Johanna Genser!


– Anna


Being in the acting profession for 10 years, my face has had to confront a number of emotions and tons of makeup for that time.

Out of stage, I am wearing only my skin and everybody can see any facial blemishes that I own. I don’t care about my wrinkles or tiny scars which may tell a story about me. However, having broken capillaries made my face red and flecked.

Fortunately, I met Johanna and she showed me that it could have been repaired very easily. After the first treatment, I fell in love with my skin again and with Johanna the most generous person, she literally has golden hands and a lot of passion for what is she doing!

I highly recommend her and the treatments she performs with skill and love!!


– Iveta, professional actress

I have been seeing Johanna for over 8 years, she is simply wonderful! She is superbly qualified as a medical aesthetician, she clearly goes the extra mile for her clients and her love of her work is evident in each client interaction. I am ivy league Stanford educated so qualifications are very important to me, and Johanna’s impressive medical aesthetician credentials and care are equally reassuring. She is consistently up to date and knows the latest and most effective treatments to treat different issues, and they truly work every time! I would highly recommend Johanna to anyone seeking quality medical aesthetician services”


– Julia M, Mississauga