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SPA Testimonials

Foto facial + Electrocoagulation + Q switch laser

collage of Elenita

Laser hair removal


Before and after of broken capillaries repair


Q switch laser treatment


Blue light laser (stage 3 acne)

Blue light laser (acne)

One Photo Facial


One Photo Facial


Photo Facial + Mole removal


Photo Facial

Sibile 2

Photo facial + Q switch laser

Facial + Peeling + Photo facial

Facial + Peeling + Photo facial


I’ve been trying to improve my sensitive and acne-prone skin for the last 10 years. It didn’t help that I used to model professionally and was basically forced to use tons of different make-up on set. I went to some of the best skin care sal0ns in Moscow and Toronto but my skin was still not happy and breaking out all the time.


I’m so lucky I met Johanna and made my 1st appointment in her salon a little over a year ago. My skin started improving right away and got better after each appointment. Now I routinely get compliments on my skin’s healthy look. My skin is glowing. Note: I don’t wear any makeup. I also didn’t have to buy expensive skin care kits or do anything extraordinary beyond my regular skincare routine. I would recommend anyone who feels like giving up on their skin to go see Johanna. Johanna’s hands are pure magic.


– Anastasia